Return - TheHORSElet

  • When buying from TheHORSElet's website you always have the right to change your mind within 14-days of receiving the product. 

    Please note: A return is considered valid if the product remains unused, retains all original tags, is returned in its original packaging including any protective wrapping or packaging provided with the product, and is correctly registered for return. 

    Please note that if the returned product is not in mint condition, has signs of use, is dirty, or is missing tags or its original packaging, a fee of €30/£30/$30 will be charged to cover dry cleaning and handling costs.

    Here is how you make a correct return

    1. Register your return here
    2. Log in with your order number and email address.
    3. Follow the steps and register your return. 
    4. Use the same bag or box in which you received your order.
    5. Download the return shipping label and stick on over the old label. Include your return receipt. 
    6. For international orders (outside EU) you need to fill in a return customs invoice. Attach two on the parcel and one to give to the UPS access point when you submit it. 
    7.  Save your submission receipt.

    Once we have received and handled your package, we will make a refund. You can choose to receive the refund either as a gift card with an extra 10% value or to your bank account.

    The return cost is €19/ £19/ $39 and this amount will be deducted from your refund.

    Non-Collected Package:
    Your package must be collected within 7 days from the notification you receive from your pickup location. If you do not collect the package within the specified time, it will be returned to PS of Sweden, and you will be charged €35/ £35/ $35 for return shipping, handling, and processing fees.